Rates of Charge

Preferential rate*     £600 /day   £80 /hour

This rate is offered to regular customers placing business of 20 or more working days /year. This rate excludes approvals testing, materials, expenses, and V.A.T.

Software development rate*     £600 /day   £80 /hour
For all in-house software development. This rate excludes approvals testing, materials, expenses, and V.A.T.

Consultancy rate*    £725 /day   £97.50 /hour

This rate applies to short term ad-hoc work (less than 20 working days /year). This rate excludes, materials, expenses, and V.A.T.

Premium rate*          £950 /day   £130 /hour

The premium rate applies to any work that 'just has to be done yesterday' and reflects the cost of dropping everything else. This rate also applies to weekend working and excludes materials, expenses, and V.A.T.

Fixed price    £priced-per-contract

Fixed price contracts are priced on their merit using the preferential rate as the basis of charge. Additional charges are incorporated to cover risk, materials and contract expenses. The minimum fixed price contract charge is £10,000


* - a 5% discount is available for all invoices settled within 21 days of issue.
Price increase: (December 2013) It’s exactly five years since RadioCAD’s rates of charge last changed. During the recession years our prices remained constant, whilst our costs steadily increased. Given the recent staggering rises in energy and many other essentials we have no choice but to increase RadioCAD’s standard rates of charge effective from 1 December 2013. Quotations given at the old rates will continue to be valid until they expire. Accepted / in-progress orders will not be subject to any price increases. Thank you for your loyal custom.
Currencies: We bill in pounds sterling or Euros. Unfortunately we can no longer accept Euro cheques. We can only accept Cheques written in GBP Sterling and drawn on UK registered banks, however we prefer all invoices to be settled electronically.