Antenna Design

RadioCAD specialise in designing antennas based not only on a thorough understanding of the electromagnetic principles but on years of experience in the art of antenna design. We have antenna designs from a few mm to a few metres in size. Tim Jarvis has designed antennas to operate from 125 KHz to 5 GHz. Both omni-direction and highly directional antennas. We have the facilites to build and test prototype antennas quickly.

We have designed antennas for the following key wireless technologies:

  • DTTV / DVB
  • GSM, GPRS, 3G
  • GPS
  • License Free (434, 868 & 915 MHz)
  • PLBs (Locating Beacons)
  • RFID (LF & HF)
  • UHF Telemetry
  • VHF Maritime
  • WiFi / WLAN

We have designed both printed PCB antennas and mechanical antennas of the following types:

  • Bow-tie dipole antennas
  • Conical dipole antennas
  • Folded dipole antennas
  • Helical dipole antennas
  • Log-Periodic Dipole Arrays (LPDAs)
  • Loop antennas
  • Multi-element Yagi antennas
  • Phase-discrimination direction find antennas
  • PCB helical dipole antennas
  • PCB loop antennas
  • PCB zig-zag dipole antennas
  • Quadrature-element Yagi antennas
  • Quarter-lambda dipole antennas
  • Slot antennas
  • Whip antennas

In addition Tim has designed a number of impedance matching printed PCB baluns.

See examples of our Antenna Design here: 




Contact Tim Jarvis for more information. Let Tim design your antenna for you.