ETSI Standards and the RTTE Directive

The Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (RTTE directive) governs market access for wireless technology products into the European Union (EU). Most of the standards used for compliance to the directive are produced and maintained by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). It’s these EN 300 series standards that are RadioCAD’s speciality. Tim Jarvis has drafted three of these during his work with ETSI committee TG26. RadioCAD have the facilities to test wireless equipment to ETSI standards and demonstrate compliance to the RTTE directive. We have been designing wireless technology products to conform to these standards for many years.

How Wireless Certification Works in the EU

The term ‘certification’ isn’t used any more since the old formal type approval certification routes have been largely swept away. There are really two main routes to compliance with the RTTE directive for wireless technology products:

  1. Notified Body Route
  2. Manufacturer Self-Declaration.


Let RadioCAD help you design and test your wireless technology products for Europe.

Manufacturer Self-Declaration

This is the route to compliance RadioCAD most commonly use for wireless technology products. Basically a manufacturer can self-declare compliance to the RTTE directive provided that:

  1. He can find standard(s) that appear in the Official Journal (OJ) of the European Union in the reference list for the RTTE directive (published on the Europa website here and,
  2. The scope of those standard(s) apply to his product(s) and,
  3. The manufacturer can demonstrate compliance to those standard(s).


At RadioCAD we’re expert in matching standards to products. We know how to design for compliance and we have the facilities and experience to test to the EN 300 series of standards.

Wireless Certification in America

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) controls the sale of wireless technology products into the USA. Unlike Europe it does not permit manufacturers to self-declare compliance for wireless technology products. These have to be tested by an FCC approved laboratory against applicable parts of the FCC rule book. RadioCAD Limited is not an FCC approved test house, but we have experience of preview testing and design to FCC rules.

Access into the Canadian and many South American markets is based on FCC rules. Let us help you design and test your wireless technology products for these markets.

Wireless Certification in other Territories

Many countries outside of the EU will accept ETSI standards for compliance with their national wireless regulations. In particular the CEPT member countries. A full list of CEPT member countries is given here:

ETSI Standards Drafting

If you have an interest in drafting or amending a current ETSI standard then let me sit on the relevant committee and represent you. Contact Tim Jarvis by email for more details.