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Ramtech WES+ product development

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RadioCAD Limited have a long and successful working relationship with Ramtech Electronics since RadioCAD was founded in 2001. RadioCAD jointly developed a number of Ramtech’s wireless products with Ramtech. RadioCAD executed the initial RF design and integration work on Ramtech’s original WES generation 1 product and contributed significantly to the newly launched WES+ family of fire alarm products.


The Ramtech-RadioCAD partnership is an illustrative example of successful cooperation in engineering between companies with extensive experience in their respective fields. Ramtech’s experience in alarm systems and long life battery powered product design coupled with RadioCAD’s experience in RF electronics, antenna design and associated wireless approvals.

With WES, RadioCAD’s responsibilities were:

  • Identification of suitable radio channels for European deployment,
  • Antenna characterisation and tuning,
  • RF front-end design (LNA and TRX switching),
  • EN 300 220 pre-compliance testing.
  • Environmental pre-compliance testing