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Wireless New Product Development

Tim has spent virtually all of his working life designing new products. New product R&D is both my greatest pleasure and bread and butter. Whether it's the whole product or an RF module within it my passion is designing new products and seeing them come to life.

Do you reognise any of these products?


This is MRT's AU10 Man-Overboard Beacon (MOB). You can read more about RadioCAD's work in developing this product {here}.


MRT's SARfinder DF

Also MRT's SARfinder 121.5 MHz VHF direction finder, which first was designed back in 2003, although it's been through a few iterations since then.


RSD Communications's DM340T

This is RSD Communications DM340T DVB digital modulator up-converter. Tim designed this in partnership with John Ross of RSD Communications. You can read more {here}.


Powersol's range of energy saving products

This is Powersol's range of energy saving switches designed for student accommodation market. All designed by Tim.


Products for Martek, Ramtech and MRT

RadioCAD has designed many more products for companies such as Martek, Ramtech and ATT (you can read more about RadioCAD's extensive work with Ramtech {here}).


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