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Wireless approvals and testing

RadioCAD no longer have an EMC testing facility but Tim has retained an OATS and an environmental chamber plus all the antennas, preamps and analysers so that he can test to ETSI 300 series. That means RadioCAD can do approvals testing to EN 300 220, EN 300 330 and similar ETSI radio performance specifications and Tim has plenty of experience of doing this too.

I have been using this facility to test my own wireless product designs, but I'm quite happy to test your products and where they're non-compliant I usually know what needs to change to fix them.

If I can help you get your wireless product compliant then contact me: tim@radiocad.co.uk

Cowden OATS - fully anechoic

Cowden OATS - semi-anechoic   Cowden OATS - 9KHz to 30MHz

Testing frequency range: 9 KHz to 8 GHz

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