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CEPT & ETSI Represenation

Since 2010 I have sat on the ETSI technical committee TG_MARINE (formerly TG26) representing clients. I have also attended TG11 meetings and sat on CEPT's ECC FM58 committee. I have written a number of ETSI technical standards: EN 302 961, EN 303 098 and EN 303 132 as well as working on many more. I have also worked with other standards bodies RTCM, ITU-R and IEC.

Manufacturers who are represented at the table at ETSI and other standards making bodies get an inside track on regulations that affect all business and a voice in the development of market access standards.

If I can help you get ahead of the game then please do contact me: tim@radiocad.co.uk

CEPT & ETSI Represenation

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