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Contactless card reader antenna design

HID global

RadioCAD are HID Global's preferred partner for contactless card reader antenna design. Tim has designed a large number of contactless card reader antennas for a number of HID's customers.

Tim has also produced a 'how to' guide to contactless card reader antenna design that you can download {here}.

There follows some examples of my work :: 13.56 MHz antennas, 125 KHz and dual-band:

PCB reader antenna samples

RadioCAD designed reader PCB antenna samples

Simple HF printed antennas can be manufactured on two layers (unshielded) or four layer (shielded) PCBs. Shielded antennas are useful where there is a lot of E-field interference.

Dual band antennas, such as the one seen right, can be designed on 8-layer PCBs. 7-layers are needed for the large number of turns required for 125 KHz operation. The HF 13.56 MHz coil occupies the remaining layer.

Tim has extensive experience in designing and tuning antennas to fit in small places close to metal enclosure walls where eddy currents make it difficult to get a decent read-range.

Eddy currents in aluminium
Dual band PCB antenna
Dual band

It's possible to add electronics to the antenna PCB, switching components and even keyboards and displays where space is tight.

antenna in keyboard

If you need help getting your contactless card reader design to fly, contact me: tim@radiocad.co.uk


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